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Policies Resolutions
***NOTE - Sherburne County Planning and Zoning
serves as the Town's ZONING authority.
All Building Permits and Zoning concerns are addressed through their office and staff.***

Dog Ordinance

Driveway Ordinance

Fee Ordinance

Right of Way Management Ordinance

Right of Way Obstruction Ordinance

183rd St.NW Parking Ordinance

Winter Parking Ordinance

ATV Policy

Snow & Ice Control Policy

Road Sign Policy

Bituminous Road Construction Standards
Agenda 21 Resolution

Road Weight Restrictions Resolution

Written Requirement to Accept Road Resolution

Resolution Initiating Town Election Move to November

Resolution Designating Town Election Move to November

Special Requests Reimbursement Resolution

Where no ordinance and/or guideline and/or policy is otherwise specified by Orrock Township,
the Township has adopted the Ordinances, Policies and Guidelines of Sherburne County. 
To obtain the Ordinances, Policies and Guidelines of Sherburne County:
you may follow the link:  Sherburne County
or Contact:
Sherburne County Gov't Center
13880 Business Center Dr NW
Elk River, MN 55330-1692

Directions, Hours, & Location

Phone: 763-765-3000

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