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Township Board Members

***NOTE - The Town Hall has no set business hours. The phone is monitored, but not on a daily basis. You are welcome to leave a voice message on the Town Hall phone, or contact the Clerk or other elected Board members, using the information listed below.
Chair - Corrie Silverberg 612-308-4235
Big Lake Fire Department and Alt. Town representative to Sherburne County Planning Commission
Vice-Chair - Bryan Adams 612-670-8762
  Road Committee & Town representative to Sherburne County Planning Commission
Supervisor - Paul Ellinger 763-262-0032
Finance Committee & Town representative to Zimmerman Fire Department
Supervisor - Bob Hassett 763-263-8840
Finance Committee & BLFD representative
Supervisor - Eric Peterson 612-812-6935
Road Authority

Clerk- Brenda Kimberly-Maas  763-263-8111 Day  763-263-0266 Evening
Treasurer- Gary Goldsmith 612-810-3017
Deputy Treasurer- Laura Jones 612-669-0583

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