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2021 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held at Orrock Township Hall on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Masks are currently required and physical distancing will be followed.  This meeting will be in person and and will also be available on Webex.  Email or call the clerk at 763-263-6411 to receive a link to the Webex meeting.

What is an Annual Town Meeting?

The annual meeting on Township Day is what really sets townships apart from other forms of local government.  At this meeting, residents have a direct voice in how the township will be run and will vote on a variety of matters, including the amount they will pay in taxes the following year.  Township Day’s annual meeting is a great place to talk about the future of your community and work with other residents in deciding how to meet those needs.

A town meeting is a time for residents to voice their concerns about local issues.  The elected officers provide a budget of what they would like to see. 

Then the voters get to discuss and talk about whether they want to provide what's in the proposed budget or whether they want to cut back.  

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